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The wild fires in the Greek islands threatening thousands of displaced refugees highlights the need for meaningful learning about working and living with forced displacement.

The 2020 program, Working with Displaced Persons, created from filming in a refugee camp in Athens, teaches innovative new ways that displaced people around the world are being assisted and integrated into host communities. Pivotal in this program is the Virtual Reality documentary,  Night Becomes Day.

VR delivers rapid understanding and training to speed refugee processing and assist professionals in working with displaced persons.

The highly customised content demonstrates the criticality of technology-enhanced learning in emergency conditions.

“VR does an excellent job at bringing you into the challenge. And the challenge (of displaced persons) is vast and it’s common.” Deputy Director of HumanRights360 Eleni Takou.

All this was made possible through the extraordinary collaboration between leading NGOs Reality Learning, the World Federation of Occupational Therapists and HumanRights360.

Join us at LEARNX LIVE Awards as we share insights into how to integrate VR and 2D video into instructional design; work with VR technology and story; and take on distribution of eLearning that use technologies which often sit in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Book FREE TICKETS  and join us on Day 1: Thursday Sept 17th 4 – 4.30 pm.


Our LearnX Award for Best Video eLearning Design will be presented Day 1: 3.30-4.00pm

Daniel Bury,  Reality Learning VR Director, brings expertise from his award-winning global VR documentaries.

Jude Hewitson, VR Producer/Writer, joins Daniel with learning’s gathered around video and instructional design.

“We would love to talk with anyone who is curious or active in VR for social good and eLearning.” Jude and Daniel

Reality Learning’s approach of contextualising the learning experience through personalised interactive scenarios, now extends into exciting immersion with VR. This is a great example of behaviour-change communications.

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Empathy and story-telling for transformative learning.

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