Our Services

Transforming your existing content and/or eLearning into immersive, interactive and meaningful scenario programs.

Taking the ‘training’ out of training.

Adding learning through experience.

Simplifying the complex.

Communicating the sensitive and challenging.

Incorporating Reality Learning Interactive model and VR for living programs.

3 steps to launch

With end-to-end production, we offer a full array of services from scope through to film production and courseware design and build. At each point we integrate with your own in-house resources.

Development is 6+ weeks in a 3 step process. 

1. Needs Analysis

Project proposal

Learning Design for both Courseware and Video

Delivery proposal

Story boarding

Evaluation processes

2. Video Production - 2D. 3D. 360. VR

Pre Production. Production and Post Production

Cinematography, lighting and sound
Location, casting and scheduling
Motion graphics
Sound design
Online media file management

Additional VR production requirements

3. eLearning Integration

Integrate media and other resources into a digital program design for all systems of delivery

Learning resources and media mapped and uploaded

Pilot and evaluation

Staff training for ongoing management -administration, editing and content updates

At your pace.

If you’re in process of developing learning materials or videos, we can provide templates and guidance to take these further, to develop high-impact Reality Learning programs.

With your skills.

We work with your in-house capacity, using the staff skills and resources you have available.

  • We’ll provide RL course specs, and/or video and VR learning design in close collaboration.
  • We’ll train staff in ongoing content management, administration of all programs.

With you.

Our working process is collaborative from beginning to end.  The final program leverages your expertise, integrates with your existing programs, meets your business requirements and exceeds training and communication objectives.