DIY Guide to growing business post-COVID-19

Director Ian Lang. Editor Bin Li. Writer Judith Hewitson

‘Alan’s Boat from China’ is a 4 part mini series documenting the leap of faith an Australian SME took in a joint venture with another SME in China.

This is edutainment at its’ best.

Reality LearningDIY Guide to growing business post-COVID-19
ScopeHow to successfully engage in a new world


How to build a robust business and work successfully in a world where communication, professional/work practices and approaches require subtle, and not so subtle, ways in which to engage with each other.


We immerse in a true life experience of success, failure, and then succeeding again. This exemplifies a business model that provides meaningful insights into:
– assumptions and expectations
– communication and cultural narratives
– diversity and standards
– work practices and approaches
– impacts on teams and leadership of emotional, psychological, physical, economic stressors
– practical preparedness for future success

Growing business beyond COVID-19 using strengths to pivot into success.

An immersive Business Leadership Program based in practice-led research.

Join an entertaining DYI step-through to adapt and build your business for future-proof success.

Designed for contemporary business, teams, collaborators, partners and leaders world-wide.

Regardless of what your business – SME, sole entrepreneur, large corporate, international, or none of the above but working with a culturally diverse staff, we all need to re-prioritize and grow within a new environment that consists of new and powerful potentials.  

There is no going back to the old.

Obtain your certificate in DYI resilience, innovation and power for carrying out business beyond pandemics and other future crisis. A certificate that ensures your preparedness.

The micro-series features Alan Wallish, Passions of Paradise, in this entertaining step-through of a business case study.  Experience success and failure, heartbreak and joy, dreams and realities, risk-taking and fear – all part of the new world of entrepreneurship and business.