International community development: e-learning for staff and public

Introduction video for ‘Tanya’s blog’ – real-time and 24/7 delivery modes.

ClientPlan International Australia
ScopeDesign multiple e-learning modules and public awareness program

‘Tanya’s blog’ – one scenario delivers multiple programs to many audiences

The modules derived from one scenario were designed to increase staff capacity as well as young Australian’s understanding on the topic of international aid and development.

Three sets of learning objectives, based on one common interactive scenario, for delivery as:

  • Public campaign for Australian 16 to 24 year olds.
  • Staff induction 
  • Professional development for aid and development experts.


Producing one interactive scenario so it can deliver different learning outcomes for a diversity of audiences.

Communicating complex international content within a NFP budget and funding guidelines.

Deliver realtime experience and anytime, anywhere access simultaneously.


The solutions:

Digital media investment was reduced by 40% whilst delivering 100% product.

Program design provided choice of user engagement options: real-time group participation and 24/7 individual access