The Video Department clients ABV, IBM, NAB, The Diplomat

IBM Corporate Service Corps Promo
RL Editor Bin Li, 2018

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Mini Web-Series: Alan’s Boat from China. Edutainment.


NAB Corporate Service Corps Promo
RL Editor Adrian Price, 2018

NAB & Good Shepherd Promo
RL Editor Adrian Price, 2018

Client 1Australian Business Volunteers (ABV)
Client 2International Business machines corporation (IBM)
Client 3National Australia Bank (NAB)
Client 4The Diplomat

3 steps to create your marketing and communications.

1. You film and gather visuals in-house then upload to us, or, we simply film for you.  

2. We script and edit the film into engaging messages, promos, blogs, case studies, reports and stories.   

3. You implement across digital platforms and in live presentations.

Transforming your organisation’s in-house filming and visual resources into sustainable, continuous, communication over all platforms including live presentations.

Extra support:

  • introductory film training for your staff;
  • a mobile film kit; and
  • a guide to take the first step.

Our camera persons and script writers are also there if, and when, you require.

See how these 3 steps work for IBM and NAB in capturing their corporate social responsibility programs with the  Australian Business Volunteers. 


Next step? Transforming complex information and messaging into edutainment.

Unpack complex information into easily understood messages through short mini-series.

Example topic: How to DYI international business.

 ‘Alan’s Boat from China’ is a four part mini-doco series. A case study of Australian and Chinese SME businesses working together.  Featured in  The Diplomat – the leading Asia-Pacific Journal and developed into an experiential training program.

We work to provide greater impact for all, when it’s not only about money, but life-changing programs.