Website and media training for Australian doctors

Dr Ronald, an Australian Volunteer in PNG, tells us his story.

Looks great and there’s a wealth of valuable info there that will be attractive to potential recruits. Easy to navigate too.

Dr Bronwen Morrison, PNG volunteer.
ClientAustralian Doctors International
ScopeResponsive website and media training

ADI is a charity providing remote Papua New Guinea with volunteer Australian doctors.

In 2016 a new responsive site was required, one that captured the new strategic direction of the organisation as it prepared to launch anew and take its’ unique model of Integrated Health Patrols further afield. 

Symbiosys joined the project team in the site build.

We have continued to support ADI with website training and workshops providing media production training for doctors to gather stories whilst in the field. View Dr Ronald’s story.

The aim is to increase the organisation’s communication and marketing capacity.


Organisation is small and had few resources at the time.

A public image transformation was required so as to proactively attract volunteer doctors and funding.

Lack of public awareness of the organisation and its’ important work.

Lack of media resources to promote the doctor’s important field work in remote PNG.


The solutions:

The mobile friendly website successfully communicated to the doctor audience.

Website launched at Mining conference, 2016 raising awareness and attracting funding.

ADI is receiving from PNG, quality video and images that document the 2017 volunteer doctors work and PNG programs.