Reality Learning Interactives®

Our model – your content

Reality Learning – both in name and approach.

Reality Learning Interactives®  is an internationally recognised model grounded in film and highly interactive fictional narratives. It is this that provides participants with meaningful, experiential and contextualised learning. They are designed to deliver part or all of your training or message content.

Programs are constructed for online delivery. They primarily use a docu-drama narrative that unfolds as if in real-time in a similar manner and format to a reality television series. The difference is, these programs enable communication between participants with the real or fictional characters. Other scenarios are pure fiction or documentaries that cover in-depth cases.

Programs also use Virtual Reality and 360.

This story telling method offers a multi-perspective insight presented through the different characters, their experiences and reflections, and events.

At its’ crux, this is a form of behavior-change communication that draws participants into a personal, immersive and emotional engagement with learning content that previously wasn’t easily possible.

Is this for you?  

Is your current training and messaging working?  Whether you are an business, government entity, non-for-profit or a developer working in eLearning, this approach is for you if you need to deliver on …

  • Complex and sensitive subject matter.
  • Behavioural and attitudinal change.
  • Engagement with diverse and challenging audiences –  time-poor, reluctant, varying skill levels and experience.
  • Multi- perspectives for new insights – case studies and ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Customised programs for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences.
  • Learning that is self-directed, whether formal or informal, accessed by groups or individuals, undertaken anytime and anywhere.
  • Changes in work-life practice.
  • And above all else, facilitation to shift your audiences’ attitudes and behavior in real life.