Digital Communication Solutions

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Delivery Solutions

First step is to decide the optimum way to deliver to your audience/s. How best reach and engage them in their context?  What are the delivery requirements to achieve your desired learning and communication outcomes?

In training, there are many software solutions for delivering eLearning, and one needs to be chosen that best suits your learners and your organisation’s requirements.

Design and Build

The software solutions include desktop authoring packages, webpages on a Learning Management System or website (Content Management System, CMS). Each one of these impacts differently on options in terms of program design, and most importantly, the viewer’s user and learning experience.


If you require course and student administration, then a Learning Management System (LMS) will do this. This system administers such items as grades, enrolments, participation levels, tutor activity, archiving courses, delivery schedules and so forth.  We train your staff for ongoing management as required.

If your program is more open, such as a public campaign or an informal learning product, then it can sit in a website (CMS) and be administered by a web manager.

LMS options:

• Use your existing LMS.
• Implement an external LMS in-house.
• License an LMS from one of the many providers in the market.
• Use a simple Wordpress LMS that supports our content and delivery requirements.

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Future Safe Solutions

With a commitment to your investment having a long shelf-life we deliver programs and digital media products that can be multi-purposed, timelessly.

Demonstrably a fore-runner in digital innovation. Since our video-based LMS in 2000 we continue to integrate emerging technologies.


The digital media can be multi-purposed over training, communication and marketing activities, and screened over many platforms.

One scenario program can tell many stories to multiple audiences and so deliver on multiple business requirements. Example Night Becomes Day’s multiple education and training programs.

Emerging Technologies - Mixed Realities

Currently we have produced a combo VR and 2D documentary Night Becomes Day for advocacy and training. Our VR director and team are committed to making new technologies enhance service and training in ways others cannot.

We collaborate with other entrepreneurs and designers in developing and integrating emerging technology solutions that are aligned with our model. Mobile Apps: ‘Teazle’ an e-learning app., (2016).