FAQ / Costings

How much will it cost?

We have experience with the full range from small to large budgets.

Investment varies according to the size of the training resources, student learning time, and most importantly, the media required.

Writing and developing the learning materials into coursework can be $10- $50,000 (short to long).

The world communicates through pictures, interaction, and new technologies, and so do we.
We produce professional media cost-effectively, recommending only that which will bring your program to life, so to engage and retain your target audience.

$2000AUD per minute for video content can provide a rough guide depending on style of film. Using our Virtual Studio more cost-effective.

We search out smart ways so to work within your budget whilst achieving the outcomes and impact you want. Often this means a different approach to the one imagined. 

What do I need to get started?

A set budget range that then allows us to design for this so we are producing the desired impact in a way that fits your resources.
Your scope including your goals and scale of the project in your business.
Collection of the information and knowledge that you want the learners to access and implement.
Understanding of behavior and other changes you would like to see occur from the training.
Understanding of any barriers for your organisation, your learners or your technology capacity.
Time to collaborate with us.

We have no background in education or training does that matter?

No. We can assist you to develop training programs from the content you have. This is required before commencing a Reality Learning Interactive® program. If you have the training materials we can take it from there.

We have no skills in media production does that matter?

No. Our media production team are experts with years of experience working with clients that have no media capacity or experience.

We do not know about e-learning technologies, what do we need?

We can provide the technologies and supports either ourselves or help you find the solution with other providers that may be more suitable for your requirements.
We are well versed in working with organisations that have struggled to include technologies successfully into their business and training and so we are always seeking answers that suit the client, not us.
We are not invested in one solution or one technology. It is the content, communication and learner engagement that is core to our business.

We have an existing LMS, how can you work with this?

Yes. We also can work with any existing authoring tools you may use.

We are government, can you comply with our processes?

We have successfully worked with government over the years in producing programs to fit their guidelines, policies, operations and protocols. We aim to bring creativity and innovation to their project in a way that works within their operations.

We are small - what is the minimum budget or requirements?

There is no set answer. It depends on your in-house or available resources and capacity. What is the overall resource investment? This is more the question.
Our Project Teams consist of different roles and skills, according to the client’s requirements for each project. Fundamentally we need to access primary expert sources and have time and access to work collaboratively.

Can students access the training at any time?

Yes. Training is flexibly delivered. It can be drip-fed to be delivered to a real-time schedule, or at each individual’s pace. They also can be static and accessed 24/7 with student interactivity built in. Also student cohorts can undertake the training as one group within a set schedule.