Indigenous digital innovation takes a leap from Reality Learning’s early initiatives.

Congratulations D:HIVE.  As we look back to 2000, on our pilot of culturally appropriate digital rehabilitation training, delivered to remote Indigenous communities, we now want to spread the word about a new empowering initiative, D:HIVE.

This is Australia’s first Indigenous-led digital social impact initiative, being launched May 3rd in Cairns. It will empower disconnected and disadvantaged communities and ensure people “don’t get left behind” in the new digital economy.

“D:HIVE is basically about bringing Torres Strait islanders, refugees, new migrants and people with disabilities together to formulate a tech inclusive, digital innovation space – what I call a digital social impact venture”  Co-founder, Leigh Harris said.

And as Reality Learning says, congratulations Leigh Harris and Julie-Ann Tambourine!


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