Launching a DIY guide for building better leadership and business

Reality Learning’s ‘Resilience for Entrepreneurs’ is for those looking to reboot leadership and business for success in 2021.

This is edutainment at its best.

Through our unique documentary mini series, participants learn from the highs and lows of an ambitious business venture.

Participants learn to pivot leadership, business and partnerships in readiness for unchartered events and a new digital economy.

“There is no going back on this… A lot of small businesses that get things right now are on an incredible growth path. Professor Jason Potts, October 2020

This short course delivers to start-ups through to corporate and government and can be delivered by universities and training providers.

Key Takeaways

  • How to adapt business for changing markets, conditions, environments.
  • How to identify and leverage individual strengths as an entrepreneur.
  • How to communicate, collaborate and build relationships for success in a new economy.

Available to members, and to individuals.

We hope this course may support you or someone you know and we look forward to sharing more stories that build resilience, wellbeing and capacity throughout 2021.

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