Micro Monsters goes to the Emmys

Daniel Bury VR Emmy

Celebrating the incredible work of our instructional designer and film director, Daniel Bury, as the VR series he worked on in 2020, Micro Monsters, is nominated for the 42nd News and Documentary Emmys this year. 

As Director of Photography (DOP) for the Australian unit in 2020, Daniel supported the series to capture the richness of Australia’s rainforests using VR and Oculus Quest 2.

Micro Monsters with David Attenborough is a five-part immersive series released at 8K 60fps for the launch of Oculus Quest 2. The series reveals the hidden lives of bugs in a way never experienced before in virtual reality, setting a new benchmark for immersive media production.

Applying his unwavering passion for VR for deep immersive storytelling, Daniel’s shots were integrated throughout the series and used in the opening sequence of each episode.

“Huge congrats to the entire team who brought Micro Monsters to life,” Daniel said. “It’s a wonderful testament to the calibre and talent of the team to see the series nominated for both Outstanding Interactive Media and notably Outstanding Sound.”

Daniel is a talented and passionate member of Reality Learning’s team with a strong commitment to applying emerging technologies and VR to bring learning experiences to life. We couldn’t be more proud of his cinematic achievements that continue to inspire.

The series, Micro Monsters, is available on Oculus TV and can be streamed on ABC’s iview.

Find out more on making of the series and the Oculus project here. 

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