Reality Learning launches 3D Education Rooms in Prague

We’re incredibly proud to launch our first 3D Education Hub at the Council of Occupational Therapists for European Countries’ (COTEC) second international Congress in Prague this September.

Partnering with the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT), the launch featured presentations by colleagues Dr Kit Sinclair and Occupational Therapist Theo Bogeas, Program Coordinator at HumanRights360, to share the Hub and the impact it can have.

The newly developed 3D Education Hub provides occupational therapists with a rich online learning experience to explore training in a fully non-linear format. Entering the virtual room, occupational therapists are able to create avatars to walk through Nakam’s art gallery on his experience of seeking asylum, watch the eight minute 3D short-film ‘Night Becomes Day’, join live presentations, or commence WFOT’s newly launched VR course: Working with displaced people’s. 

The easily accessible resource brings together a rich array of multimedia learning content for participants to navigate. The result is a very immersive training experience that brings to life the challenges and opportunities of working with displaced persons.

As presenter, Theo Bogeas said, “We are all citizens and we need to put into the discussion that displacement is here whether we like it or not.” 

With a network of 195,000 occupational therapists internationally, the congress was attended by professionals seeking avenues to build resilience in both the people they care for and the communities in which they work. The launch and trials received wonderful feedback for embracing the use of emerging technology for immersive training.

“Such a cool experience, I’ve never done anything like that before!” Michelle Dawkin, UCLA 

Once again, VR Director Daniel Bury transformed the vision with multimedia expertise to help enable this resource to be valuable for participants and audiences from multiple disciplines, interests and expertise.

Daniel has worked on David Attenborough’s VR documentary series, Micro Monsters, which as of this week was nominated for not one but TWO Emmys. With nominations for Outstanding Interactive Media and Outstanding Sound. Plenty to celebrate indeed!

We love the way our stories and programs can be re-envisaged using new technologies to continue to reach audiences and enhance their use for social impact.

From my perspective in Melbourne, even when in Lock Down can we unlock different worlds through the adoption of emerging technologies for storytelling. Here’s hoping we can continue to develop 3D learning resources like this in the future!

Cheers! Judith


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