Happy New Year and time for breath

Dear all

As the new year rolls in and the world’s momentum continues on – we get a wee special chance to tune in on what we might bring to it.

Our team reconnected yesterday morning for the first time this year. One of us on the road, finding safety in South Australia, one regretting a canceled holiday, and others in Victoria as they prep to once again film from our Virtual Studio.

We mightn’t have had the reconnections and trips that we had planned or dreamt of, but hopefully like myself, we are all pleased to come together again and work – for us on some of the rich programs we’ve been building with RMIT Europe.

Our team never worked harder or more graciously to provide a suite of online courses with the wonderful Karen Matthews, Professor Marta Fernandez and the suite of mobility and urban design academics across RMIT.

Special thanks to Dr Katie Vasey, Daniel Bury, Spiros Soulis, and Jeremy Bowtell – from our learning and multimedia team for bringing your tenacity and full selves to the project at the end of a very full year. More on the suite of courses here.

Hopefully this year holds space to think creatively with one another, and openness to share, express and work together amidst the distance and loss of exploration we’ve all faced.

And probably most importantly, compassion with our families and professional lives, to hold space when we feel overworked or overwhelmed. My heart goes out to our families, if any like mine, have kept picking themselves up to re-find moments of joy over the holiday period.

With breath and space for you all


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