New VR resource launched for Australian schools

Grade 5-10 students can now be immersed in the life of Sohail, a teenager living as a refugee in Greece.

After receiving the LearnX Platinum Award for Best Video Design in eLearning for occupational therapists, we are now excited to launch our additional children’s VR-2D resource, Sohail – the story of a refugee’.

This program is based on the VR film Night Becomes Day, and includes 3D and 2D streaming of the film integrated with a tailored study guide and additional video from all the people in the film for an interactive online learning resource. This time as a story told through the teenage voice of Sohail.

This has been made possible through the Education Shop, ATOM (Australia Teachers of Media) and their commitment to furthering the social impact of Australian films.

Teachers can find a range of resources to integrate into their classes Here

Award 2020

Please take a look and share as widely as you can with those who may be able to make the most of this new resource including universities.

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