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Refugee Voices in Melbourne, Australia.

Refugee release to new life, Melbourne Australia.

A shout out to Farhad and Refugee Voices. We were pleased to be able, in our small way, assist the men who recently regained their freedom from eight years of inhumane detention, starting by us getting to know Farhad: I hope we can all do a bit to help with the start of new meaningful...
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Building back better: changing the bushfire story

In November we caught up with Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) as they worked beside Cobargo residents in developing a plan and seeking resources to build back better. By working together, this rural NSW community created their own story, a vision and the plan for a resilient and innovative future Cobargo. With ABV’s assistance, the plan...
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Launching a DIY guide for building better leadership and business

Reality Learning’s ‘Resilience for Entrepreneurs’ is for those looking to reboot leadership and business for success in 2021. This is edutainment at its best. Through our unique documentary mini series, participants learn from the highs and lows of an ambitious business venture. Participants learn to pivot leadership, business and partnerships in readiness for unchartered events and a new...
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New VR resource launched for Australian schools

Grade 5-10 students can now be immersed in the life of Sohail, a teenager living as a refugee in Greece. After receiving the LearnX Platinum Award for Best Video Design in eLearning for occupational therapists, we are now excited to launch our additional children’s VR-2D resource, ‘Sohail – the story of a refugee’. This program is based on the VR...
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Greek refugee camp fires flag urgent reality learning VR at LearnX

The wild fires in the Greek islands threatening thousands of displaced refugees highlights the need for meaningful learning about working and living with forced displacement. The 2020 program, Working with Displaced Persons, created from filming in a refugee camp in Athens, teaches innovative new ways that displaced people around the world are being assisted and...
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E-learning bringing resilience to occupational therapists and displaced persons

People displaced due to disasters, war, persecution and climate will benefit from Reality Learning’s ongoing work with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. This amazing collaboration has resulted in an award-winning online course, Working with Displaced Persons, which pivots around Night Becomes Day, Reality Learning’s immersive VR documentary on refugees seeking safety in Greece. “We...
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Premiere VR advocacy film ‘Night Becomes Day’

We are delighted to be inviting everyone interested in human rights, and the educational impact of VR, to the on-line world-premiere of our short film Night Becomes Day, on18th June, 6PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. Join Refugee Week around the world.   Book here: https://www.fanforcetv.com/programs/nightbecomesday18thjune   Night Becomes Day is the first virtual reality documentary which explores forcible displacement, immersing you...
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VR film on refugee crisis premiers at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival this March

Following the international production, not-for-profit production company Reality Learning is proud to premier its immersive VR experience on Athens’ refugee crisis at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece this March. The eight minute documentary, Night Becomes Day, was shot in urban Athens and refugee camp to provide an impressionistic experience of what it means to seek...
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Just published – A mini web-series

This is the end of the 3 year adventure as The Diplomat publishes the final episode of our DIY business guide for small-medium enterprises working with China. The publishing landscape for film makers is always changing and independent documentary faces particular challenges. Let’s know if you like the episodic format? and how else you think programs...
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