Business skills – Resilience for Entrepreneurs Post-COVID-19

Case-study Trailer.

Alan’s Boat from China‘ is a 4 part mini series documenting the leap of faith an Australian SME took in a joint venture with another SME in China.

This is edutainment at its best.

There is no going back….A lot of small businesses that get things right now are on an incredible growth path.

Professor Jason Potts, October 2020 
Reality LearningResilience for Entrepreneurs and Business
ScopePivoting work and business through crisis to succeed as a new COVID-19 entrepreneur.
DateNovember 2020

Real Business … Real life learning

Those who adjust quickly to the new economy, can grow extraordinarily.

 Entrepreneurship and resilience for bringing your vision and work to life.

Who is this for?

  • Corporate and government
  • Small business and start ups
  • Education and training providers.

Challenges you face

The course challenges how:

  • Small businesses manage multiple relationships
  • Entrepreneurs maintain themselves and their teams 

Most importantly you explore the urgent need to pivot in a crisis, and to realise success can take many different forms.


Key takeaways

  • How to adapt and pivot business for changing markets, products, environments.
  • How to identify and leverage individual strengths as an entrepreneur.
  • How to communicate, collaborate and build relationships for success in a new economy.

Transferring lessons learnt from a true life experience of a business going through success, failure, and then succeeding again through COVID-19 and beyond. 

This unique, short, self-directed course takes as its case study a mini-series about an Australian entrepreneur, who managed multiple crisis and relationships to keep the business afloat, only to then have to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a new unexpected business model altogether. 

We join them to learn from their experience of success and failure, dreams and realities, risk-taking and fear, being able to pivot in crisis – all part of forming an entrepreneurial business in the new digital economy.