Culturally responsive mental health services: online vocational graduate certificate, Australia


Video overview of one module –  ‘Kim’s Story’: a refugee experience.

Real people filming their stories.

It was a very impressive body of work that we witnessed. This learning is ahead of other models, and its been undertaken meticulously and vigorously

Dr Radhika Santhanam-Martin
Clinical Psychologist St Vincent's Hospital
ClientVictorian Transcultural Mental Health Unit, St Vincent's Hospital
ScopeAn RMIT University online vocational graduate course

Culturally Responsive Practice: Vocational Graduate Certificate

VPMH provides mental health services for Victorian CaLD clients,(Culturally and Linguistically Diverse clients). 

Face to face workshops were transferred into an online post graduate achieving accreditation, CHC70208 Vocational Certificate, offered through Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, 2013-2014.

The five interactive narratives delivered complex academic theory, critical thinking and practical strategies.

The content is complex, challenging, sensitive and personal, making it too difficult to teach using traditional online learning courseware.

Student Evaluation, 2012.

In comparison to face to face workshops, the course was described by students as “more stimulating, informative and challenging… adding more to my knowledge and skills and changing my attitudes”. 


Learning content is based on real life client experiences requiring high level trust with peak bodies and their clientelle.

Students are time-poor, usually working professionally full-time.

Seeking university accreditation.

Improve delivery of mental health services for Victoria’s CaLD clients, (culturally and linguistically diverse).


The solutions:

The university (RMIT) delivered the course.

Acquired skills were easily transferred into work life.

CaLD mental health services improved their capacity to deliver cultural responsive services.