WV International’s strategy think-tank

I am absolutely certain Reality Learning has improved our impact and made a difference to the lives of the children we are serving

Liz Mackinlay
WV International, VP Strategy, 2009

Online communication tools and think tank

World Vision International is a relief and development organization assisting 70 million people each year in its quest to end poverty, fight hunger and transform lives.

The development of communication tools facilitated the embedding of the organisation’s new global strategy:

  • An intranet site to facilitate communication between 350 global staff in all areas of the organisation, ensuring the uptake of the new strategy;
  • A futuristic scenario, Maria’s Story, delivering ‘wicked’ problems to facilitate regional directors’ future planning. WVI research findings were transformed into this fictitious scenario, extending disbelief.  Through solving the ‘wicked’ problems facing aid and development, the organisations became future-ready.

Excerpt from the think-tank scenario, Maria’s Story.

ClientWorld Vision International
ScopeChange management tools - website and think-tank


WVI’s high level ‘think tank’ responded to the organisation’s rapid growth, and the emerging global trends that would impact on its’ core business. To do so effectively, an online communication and planning solution was required to facilitate future strategising across global regions. There was insufficient in-house IT capacity to undertake this new development.

Our challenge was to facilitate this process by providing communication tools and platforms so staff from different cultures, disciplines and languages could easily access, exchange and learn to manage the rapid changes.


The solutions:

A Global Strategy Intranet Site provided communication channels across all departments of WVI between 2008- 2011.

A scenario for problem-solving program was designed to facilitate regional director’s team planning.

Documentation of lessons learnt on organisational change management for future reference.

There was little risk to the oraganisations ongoing operations.

Our online solutions were flexible so as to keep abreast with organisational changes.