Queensland government mental health practitioner training

The key learning outcomes of this course are conveyed through a fictional case study and interactive learning activities, including a 360 video of a client assessment.

Increasing capacity in Australian mental health practitioners

This online training course developed for the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (QTMHC), develops knowledge and skills enabling mental health practitioners to independently provide a culturally informed and responsive mental health assessment for their clients. Thus reducing the quantity and level of support requests from health professionals to QTMHC.

Commencing with over 200 participants, the course is now an open resource assisting each practitioner in their daily work routine.

Excerpt from the case study of Sonia. She exchanges on the migration experience with her neighbour.

ClientQueensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre
ScopeTraining for Australian mental health practitioners


Understanding and incorporating sociocultural factors in mental health assessments will help to more accurately diagnose problems as well as more effectively engage with and provide culturally informed treatment and care for individuals.

The content is based on experience in delivering clinical consultation-liaison services and training for over 20 years, as well as on evidence on culturally responsive mental health practice.

Learning Outcomes

Identify the impact of socio-cultural factors on mental health.

Ask questions to elicit the sociocultural considerations through use of the Outline for Cultural Formulation.

Incorporate sociocultural considerations into mental health assessments and overall case formulation.

Demonstrate a respectful curiosity which enables a practitioner to learn about an individual’s sociocultural and linguistic needs and preferences.