RMIT Europe’s suite of courses

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These new online courses are the result of pan European collaboration through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. They provide critical knowledge and are vital step forward in delivering training for urban professionals to shape the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Dr Marta Fernandez
Dr Marta Fernandez
Executive Director RMIT EUROPE

Creating healthier and more liveable cities

Working with RMIT Europe and European Institute of Technology (EIT) Urban Mobility, our eLearning team helped to deliver a suite of online courses to support urban professionals to build healthier and more liveable cities of tomorrow. 

Collectively the three short courses and one multimedia-rich MOOC offer over 20 hours of expert learning from RMIT’s Centre for Urban ResearchHealthy Liveable Cities Lab and the Australian Urban Observatory. This profiles leading research and expertise from RMIT academics including Prof Sarah BekessyProf Ralph Horne, Associate Dean Andrew Butt and Associate Prof Melanie Davern.

All courses are now live and available via FutureLearn





ClientRMIT Europe in partnership with the European Institute of Technology
ScopeThree online professional development courses and one MOOC
DateOct 2021 to Jan 2022


Avenues for urban development professionals to build critical capability amidst varying levels of expertise and time commitment.

A means for global thinking and innovation to come together to solve the wicked problems facing all cities now and into the future.

Filming academics across Melbourne, Helsinki and Barcelona during lockdowns, tight timeframes and travel restrictions. 


The model and open platform of learning enables people to share, and be inspired by experts from around the world.

Course options for both high level or drilling down into the complexities of the topics. The short courses provide different perspectives to an integrated thread of wicked issues. The MOOC enables deeper implementation of the learnings from the short courses.

Our film and multimedia expert, Daniel Bury, prepared a virtual studio to script, prepare and manage filming of multiple content experts across countries and time-zones.