Teacher training: e-learning for 645 Chinese universities

Local filming to create virtual casework for students.

I am very touched by your creation and clever/creative use of technology: the descriptions from multiple sources and the photos/images all are very beneficial to facilitate our understanding of the client.
The session on ‘my family & friends’ with the images bring tears to my eyes, as a Chinese saying of “a picture speaks a thousand words…. Thanks a lot for making an impact for the quality care in China

Fengyi Kuo, DHS, OTR, CPRP
Clinical Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy. Indiana University USA
Client Otago Polytechnic, WFOT, NMA ,CARM
ScopeE-learning delivered to 645 China universities.

A Sino-NMA Curriculum Development Project. 

Reality Learning worked in collaboration with Otago Polytechnic, WFOT, NMA, CARM, 2011 – 2014

The ‘train the trainer’ online course was delivered to Occupational Therapy lecturers in 645 universities. At this point in time, training occupational therapy students was slowly being introduced in China.

In 2015 Nanjing University adopted the course to continue delivery to more Chinese universities.

Extract from Student Evaluation 2014.

“Best part of the study was seeing the video and receiving emails from the person (fictional character). Almost all students agreed that they liked hearing many people’s points of view. Applying learning to the cases (stories), sharing experiences…”


As teaching students in physiotherapy and occupational therapy is not widespread in China, the lecturer’s teaching practices were often not meeting current international standards.

Gaining student engagement in study activities was difficult with low participation in face to face.


The solutions:

Using interactive case studies, lecturers had greater awareness of interactive teaching practices to engage students.

The course is continuously requested by universities.

The course has been adopted by Nanjing University.