Website & carer health information modules

‘Some care for the mother carers’.

An Australian national newspaper article. January 7th, 2016.
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It was helpful to hear about the phases that mothers describe on their journey with their child with a disability. … I felt relieved knowing that I’m not crazy… I am following the phases like other mothers and I feel good that I’m like everyone else.

Mother to Darcy, 16, who has cerebral palsy and visual impairment.
ClientDr Helen Taylor- Bourke, Monash University
ScopeWebsite with online training for both the public and professionals.

‘Healthy mothers-healthy families’, commercialising university research.

This is Dr Helen Taylor-Bourke’s PhD research, transformed into a brand, a website and an online training program.

With a small Telematics Trust fund, the research was transformed into evidence-based Health Information Modules accessible to both families and organisations living and working with children with disabilities. 


Commericalising IP and practice-based research.

Provide a site to multi-function as a website and learning portal easily accessible by non-tech savvy users.


The solutions:

Developed a simple brand with a user-friendly website interface to engage Australian families.

Provided access for organisations whilst protecting our client’s IP.