Workplace Capacity Certificate: e-learning for Queensland doctors


‘Check Your Practice’ introduction video by Rachel Hawkins, Director Engagement and Insurer Services.

…I can still honestly say I am talking from my heart. Thank you so much for making me a big part of this…

Dr Vicky Salinas
MD, FRACGP, PGCert OccMed, The University of Manchester
ClientQueensland Government, Office of Industrial Relations.
ScopeStatewide training for doctors.

‘Check your practice’: an online CPD course delivered through the Australian Medical Association’s  ‘drportal’.

It is not a formulate course, instead it is self-driven so that doctors can delve deeply or lightly into the subject matter, whilst achieving the intended outcomes.

The Office of Industrial Relations is committed to engaging all Queensland doctors in the new work processes required with the launch of the new Work Capacity Certificate, July 2016.  This training was developed in collaboration with Queensland doctors and all stakeholders, (including employers, government agencies, insurers, allied health providers and family members).

The result is practice-based learning which acknowledges all stakeholder’s perspectives and reality and facilitates better communication and collaboration with a shared understanding of best processes for achieving safe and early return to work for injured workers in Queensland.


Doctors are time-poor often working within 5-15 minute patient consultations. How can they change their work practices and incorporate stakeholders requirements within such time constraints and heavy workloads? and how can online training deliver the new work strategies and practices with its’ content and design?

Predominantly, work injured patients form under 5% of a doctor’s caseload, so how can online training motivate doctors to invest time to this topic?

Queensland doctors are incredibly diverse in terms of cultural background, experience, specialisation, work and community contexts. How can online training succeed in reaching and engaging doctors, statewide against many user and technology barriers.


The solutions:

A practice-led course, supported by bite size visual communication of facts, strategies and advice.

A collegial ‘look and feel’ is delivered through peer-to- peer exchange of experiences and tips.

Case studies are highly constructed for time-efficient application of skills and gaining additional expert medical insights.

The graphic courseware and personal presentation style enabled non-actors to deliver the whole course. The primary voices of real people delivers integrity.

The course is also designed to meet Continuing Professional Education points as reward for participation.