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I must really congratulate you and your team on the very creative construction of such a necessary module.

Robin Joubert
Hon. Associate Professor Dept Occupational Therapy, University of Kwa Zulu-Natal Durban. South Africa

All people regardless of being a refugee or not, want a meaningful life, feel they are useful and use their skills to the maximum of their potential.”

Theo Bogeas
HumanRights360, Greece.
ClientWorld Federation of Occupational Therapists
CourseWorking with Displaced Persons
Date July 2021

Award winning eLearning  –  Best Video Design

This course centres around real-life events and people, bringing the actuality of their work and living into your world. 

Through Virtual Reality documentary we step into their shoes.

Globally there are under 3000 occupational therapists working with refugees with an ever-increasing need for these services as the number of forced displaced persons reaches a new tipping point of 79 million (2020).

The course responds to this challenge, up-skilling occupational therapists for successful working with displaced persons and marginalised communities.   The course captures the nuance, breadth and complexities of working within a human rights paradigm with marginalised communities.

More information about the Virtual Reality advocacy documentary, Night Becomes Day


To increase occupational therapy services in the humanitarian sector through increasing the number of  therapists working with displaced persons – migrants, asylum seekers, refugees – and marginalised communities. 

To facilitate the profession’s role as an agent of change by adopting socio-political, human-rights and health frameworks.


Through learning from lived experiences of refugees and displaced persons themselves, the course provides strategies and new approaches for:

  • Therapists to work in the sector; and
  • The profession to be resilient and future -ready.


I am thrilled to have this available. I am an OT in the U.S. who has dreamed to work internationally as an OT, and this may be a niche. Coincidentally, the day I accepted a volunteer position to teach English to refugees in my local community, I received the newsletter for this course. I am so excited to complete this module.

Myshl Beyer
Re: WFOT new learning module Occupational Therapy: Working with Displaced Persons Friday, 10 September 2021, 1:47 PM