Create meaningful and immersive programs by integrating best online training technologies.

Professional development

Training in soft and technical skills for role development.
The following global examples provide insight into our integration of VR & 3D storytelling; 360 videos; 3D Education Hubs; Docu-drama case studies; Interactive multi-media. 

These new online courses are the result of pan European collaboration through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. They provide critical knowledge and are vital step forward in delivering training for urban professionals to shape the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Dr Marta Fernandez
Dr Marta Fernandez
Executive Director RMIT EUROPE

Workplace training

Adopting work practices for compliance and ease. The following examples provide insight into our immersive training.

Reality Learning has been an amazing partner that walked with ABV, supported our vision and helped us to share our community vision during a dynamic and transformative time. 

Liz Mackinlay
Liz Mackinlay
CEO Australian Business Volunteers

Leadership training

Resilience and attitudinal shifts for management. The following examples provide insight into our strategic thinking.

Our Prevention Course is up and running with all participants. Thank you for all of your work with us to make this happen.

Amelia Ditcham
Program Manager, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

Community leadership

Transformative training empowering communities. The following examples provide insight into us walking beside community.

Here we are at the forefront of aid and development. Thank you Judith for getting us here!

Dr Kit Sinclair
Dr Kit Sinclair
President of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists