The COVID-19 challenge for training in sexual violence prevention and response

At Reality Learning, we support those who care for survivors and those affected by sexual violence.

With the COVID-19 pandemic,  Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic/DVRCV) faced the challenge of rapidly transforming their ‘Fast Track’ professional development from face-to-face into full virtual delivery, without losing the meaningful personal connections.

Through successfully working together, Howard Errey from Reality Learning, and the DV Vic/DVRCV expert team, led by Amelia Ditcham, produced online training that is live and impacting on the sector’s response to the crisis in domestic violence and violence against women.

The two leadership courses fast track the supply of senior level practitioners and specialist family violence managers and leaders in response and in prevention to family and sexual violence.  Fast Track responds to reforms outlined by the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

“Our Prevention (course) participants have had their second session, and things are flowing really well…thanks for your work with us over the last few months”.  Amelia Ditcham, Program Manager, Fast Track.

This is just one example of providers of training being challenged by the need to rapidly move all their learning online.  This challenge has led us at Reality Learning, to develop other alternatives for online delivery.  Reality Learning LIVE is a VR delivery option allowing learners to experience immersion and exploration, without restrictive VR hardware requirements.

Once again we look to existing innovative technology to increase access to the power and impact of best learning. If you too are interested in this, we look forward to connecting and exploring more.

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