Today is campaign launch day! VR for working with displaced people

Night Becomes Day is a behavior-change, virtual reality documentary. Designed for world-wide professional training and advocacy.

Be immersed in re-envisaging meaningful living, in a world reaching tipping point in the number of people being displaced.

Somewhere in the world, one person is displaced every two minutes and by 2100, 100 million are predicted to be displaced by climate change alone, (UNCHR).

Experience, explore, develop new paradigms for working in communities disrupted by climate change, war or social justice issues.

The VR story is extended through videos to deliver training to allied health, medicos, teachers, community development and human rights professionals and students. Training for building thriving communities because of refugees, not in-spite of.

Please make a special donation today to this ground-breaking program.


Follow us as we film Theo, the occupational therapist working in refugee camps in Greece. With your support, his story will bring the training to life throughout 2019.

The Story

Theo is a committed, occupational therapist managing human rights for the influx of over 60,000 people displaced from around the world to refugee camps in Greece.

Taking personal and professional risks, he works with teenager Sohail and artist Nakam, to unravel the secrets of working and living in ‘limbo’. Of applying human rights to daily living, and building meaningful lives in thriving communities.

With 360 video we step into their shoes and experience their journey from night to day – a journey anyone who’s ever felt lost can celebrate.

VR Director /Editor, Daniel Bury.  Producer/Writer,  Judith Hewitson.

Supported by Documentary Australia Foundation.

Distributed by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Online Education.

Produced by Reality Learning Ltd.