Vision and Values


Enabling any organisation to create memorable and engaging immersive experiences in their services and education to improve the health and well-being of all.


Film and new technologies for behaviour-change. To develop transformative programs that enable deep attitudinal and behavioural change to strengthen capacity and resilience. We adopt evolving communication trends, emerging technologies such as VR and leverage digital tools to reach and strengthen communities.



To collaborate, ensuring that the end products are as close to our client’s and partner’s vision as possible. We find working collaboratively produces new solutions and best outcomes.


We aim to create a new permutation of culture through innovative design using current and emerging technologies – that is, we use technology to deliver new experience of engagement that builds capacity, improves end-user engagement, delivers greater impact and outcomes for our clients’ services. 

Stakeholder involvement 

In all our work, we prioritise the participation of your staff and clients, or local groups and communities, in all phases of the process – from planning and design to implementation. We do this to ensure relatable stories, emotionally charged content and real life experiences are incorporated to meet the participants’ needs and communicate content with optimum impact.

Building social agency through technology solutions must be underpinned with a compassionate understanding of the lived experience of the people most affected by the solution.

Dr Greg Hooper