WFOT launches immersive training for therapists working with displaced persons

This July, World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT) launches the immersive online training program, Occupational Therapists: Working with Displaced Persons, to equip and inspire therapists’ working with displaced persons.

Identified as a growing need internationally, Dr Kit Sinclair, World Federation of Occupational Therapists said the course is an important step for the industry.

“Our network of occupational therapists spans dozens of countries who now face the very real challenge of working with displaced people amidst incredibly challenging conditions,” Dr Sinclair said.

“With the expertise of Reality Learning, the course draws on immersive story-telling through VR and 360 technology to really ensure that participants walk in the shoes of those seeking asylum and understand what their experiences are like.”

Drawing from Reality Learning’s award-winning short VR documentary, Night Becomes Day, the training program throws therapists and stakeholders into the lives, resilience and aspirations of displaced persons and people seeking asylum.

“Through this course we want to inspire occupational therapists to understand what wonderful relationships and experiences can be created when this work is done well!” Dr Sinclair said.

The 35 hour online interactive course follows the lives of teenager Sohail Haqyar, musician Ali Al Suwani and artist Nakam as they work with Human Rights Worker and Occupational Therapist Theo Bogeas to pursue aspirations and passions.

With rich multimedia story-telling, real-life experiences and stories, and immersive learning pedagogy, the course is designed to transform attitudes and really build enthusiasm and capability in therapists’ work.

This is the second course Reality Learning and WFOT have produced together, following on from the online Disaster Management course also available online.

Find out more on the course at WFOT Learning, and view the trailer Working with Displaced Persons today.

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