As an early adopter of online immersive learning and co-designing interactive programs in Australia since 2001, Judith and her team at Reality Learning are pleased to extend their service to European education providers and allied-health professionals. 

Led by learning design and learning experience specialist, SPIROS SOULIS, in Athens Greece, this month the team commenced work on their fifth online training module for RMIT Europe. 

This follows three short courses and one multimedia-rich MOOC for the Spanish campus in 2001, which now offers over 20 hours of online learning from RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research, Healthy Liveable Cities Lab, and the Australian Urban Observatory. 

It’s the second Reality Learning client to be delivering immersive and interactive online training to experts and professionals in Europe. Since 2019 Reality Learning has been working with World Federation of Occupational Therapists and in partnership with Human Rights 360 in Athens to deliver training on working with displaced persons from war, conflict and now climate change. 

With filming underway for the latest RMIT course Reality Learning multimedia director, Daniel Bury is currently working from Sydney, Amsterdam and Spain. The project is further supported by Reality Learning learning design lead, Dr Katie Vasey; director of learning, Howard Errey, and founding director, Judith Hewitson.

Special thanks to Karen Matthews from RMIT Europe for continued collaboration as a trusted partner to bring learning to life. All courses from 2001 are live and available via online learning host, FutureLearn.