Key consultants join our projects bringing their creative expertise in digital communications, learning and instructional design, scripting and multimedia production, project management and technical support, and software product development.  

They bring deep knowledge in film, Virtual Reality, media, adult education/training, software design, health and cultural intelligence.

We form teams of like-minded professionals committed to social change and wellbeing.

Judith Hewitson

Founder, Director, Producer. Judith Hewitson

Emma Lang

Board Member: Communication Specialist

Daniel Bury

Director Virtual Reality & Multimedia. Creator "Chasing The World"

Dr Katie Vasey

Lead Learning Designer

Dr Ian Lang

Higher Education and Media Curriculum Development

Grace Williams

Communications. Co-founder Citizenship Tasmania

Debra Allanson

Business Consultant

Adrian Price

Media Consultant

Project Team

Greece: Virtual Reality & Film

Project Team

Government: 360 +2D

Project Team

China Programs

Project Team


Project Team

Primary Health