Our Team

A multidisciplinary collective of specialists with extensive experience, skillfully designing virtual learning that powerfully facilitates change.

Judith Hewitson

MA app.Film; B.app.Sc.OT.

Talk to Judith about Reality Learning and your vision.


Daniel Bury

Film Production Directing & Digital Arts.

Talk to Daniel about immersive learning design.

Dr Katie Vasey

PhD, Pop.Health/Med Anthropology.

Talk to Katie about elearning design for higher education/ NFPs.

Howard Errey


Talk to Howard about educational technology & design.


Spiros Soulis

Spiros Soulis

Masters Learning Sciences & Technology.

Talk to Spiros about European partnerships and projects.


Fraser Pemberton

Fraser Pemberton

MA Film & TV.

Talk to Fraser about video and cinema production in Europe.


Dr Frankie Tam

PhD, Educational Communication and Technology.

Talk to Frankie about game research and design.

Spiros Soulis

Dr Romaine Logere

PhD, Design & Social Context.

Talk to Romaine about interdisciplinary research and podcasts.

Fraser Pemberton

Dr Kirsten Moegerlein

PhD, Design and Social Context.

Talk to Kirsty about co-design and visual communication design.

Emily Brewit

Emily Brewin

Journalism, Environmental and International studies.

Talk to Emily about learning design and storytelling.


Jeremy Bowtell

Jeremy Bowtell

BA, Comms/Media;Grad Cert Innovative Learning Design.

Talk to Jeremy about your projects and partnerships.

Theo Bogeas

Theo Bogeas

MS, Occupational Therapy. 

Talk to Theo about health and community education.

Richard Kickbuck

Richard Kickbush

Cinematographer 2D, VR, 360 

Talk to Richard about 360, VR, Drone filming above and under water.

Tiffany Garvie

Tiffany Garvie

A Gunggari woman. Photographer with First Nations media experience.

Talk to Tiffany about First Nation projects and photography.


Join the team and our colleagues sharing practices and concepts that lie behind the power of virtual learning.

“Reality Learning is a dream team to work with. Thank you Judith and all!"

Karen Matthews, Communications and Corporate Relations Specialist RMIT University

"Here we are again at the forefront of aid and development. Thank you Judith for getting us here."

Dr Kit Sinclaire, Former President of World Federation of Occupational Therapists

"Reality Learning has been an amazing partner helping to share our community vision during a transformational time."

Liz Mackinlay, CEO Australian Business Volunteers

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