Immersive Learning Design

Meaningful learning experiences with a human-centred approach


  • Design in 2D & 3D technologies
  • Micro-credentials
  • Professional Development resources

Digital Learning

Watch a Course Overview.

Interactive Content

Press Start to explore RL Interactives™ 


Interactive 2D | 360 Scenarios & 3D spaces

Understand Multi-Perspectives in New Contexts

  • Bespoke 3D Environments + Avatars
  • Virtual Presentations + Lecture Rooms
  • Interactive Docu-drama

2D Interactive Scenarios

Teach via real world problems in case studies

3D Learning Environments

Experience our 3D Rooms


Accessible XR - VR | AR

Experience the world around and within us with spectacular media resources

  • Screen + Media Production
  • Remote + In-situ Filming
  • Co-design

Best Learning Uptake

How you learn impacts uptake, retention and application. Our proprietary design uses new technologies and interactive narratives for real life transfer.

VR Film

Immerse yourself in another’s world, explore our award-winning ‘Night Becomes Day’.



Our Partnerships

Facilitate, renowned for its creation suite that simplifies the integration of high-impact learning experiences, has joined forces with Reality Learning to reimagine the ‘classroom’, offering the option of a robust VR platform to deliver scalable interactive VR courses.


VR /AR/Games

Dive into places you otherwise wouldn’t venture. Build empathy, new perspectives & skills.

360 Scenarios

Be in-situ as events and scenarios unfold around you. Interact with locations for rich learning.

3D Education Hubs

Jump into a virtual room and join in a virtual event or discover interactive learning activities.

Video Storytelling

Join the lives of fictional characters and unfolding scenarios as if in realtime. Real life problem solving.

“Reality Learning has been an amazing partner helping to share our community vision during a transformational time.”

Liz Mackinlay, CEO Australian Business Volunteers

"These courses have provided critical knowledge for urban designers to shape the sustainable cities of tomorrow."

Dr Marta Fernandez, Executive Director RMIT Europe

"Our Prevention Course is up and running with all participants. Thank you for all of your work with Safe and Equal to make this happen!"

Amelia Ditcham, Program Manager Safe and Equal

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