LearnX eLearning awards

LearnX 2023 awards with Jeremy Bowtell, Howard Errey, Karen Matthews, Judith Hewitson, Romaine Logere, Daniel Bury.

A wonderful evening at the 2023 LearnX Awards in Melbourne, Australia with the talented Reality Learning crew Judith Hewitson, Howard Errey, Daniel Bury, Jeremy Bowtell, Romaine Logere, alongside partner RMIT Europe Senior Manager of Engagement and Communications Karen Matthews to pick up awards for the online courses we’ve developed together over the past 12 months.

We were honoured to receive the Platinum Award for Best eLearning Project (industry), and Diamond for Best Learning Model. A heartfelt thank you to LearnX for this prestigious acknowledgment.

We extend our gratitude to our valued partners, EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT Urban Mobility, the NEBULA NewEuropeanBauhausinUrbanandruraLAreas (NEB), and RMIT Europe, for their close collaboration and commissioning this groundbreaking global course, ‘Includive Mobilty for an Ageing Population’ 📚

This win is a testament to our collective commitment to putting #emergingtechnology at the forefront of education and community engagement, building better learning tools that promote mobility and inclusivity.

As experts in #VirtualReality#AugmentedReality#EdTech, and #ImmersiveLearning, we envision a future where disrupted industries can benefit from our collective knowledge. Together, we will redefine how education and training are delivered and experienced pivoting around the lived experience.

Drawing on the invaluable lived experiences of first-responder teams and communities building back better, we aim to contribute with future-facing learning to a comprehensive, national response to emergencies.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming programs in 2024 and how we can help you. Celebrating the future of learning!

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