Reality Learning is proud to support the launch of two new short courses for more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful cities at the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress held in Barcelona from 15 to 17 November. 

Drawing on the innovative principles of the New European Bauhaus, these programs have been made publicly available through a partnership between RMIT Europe, European Institute of Technology (EIT) and the New European Bauhaus (NEB).

The programs join a suit of short online courses that equip urban design and city planning professionals with the latest research and expertise they need to tackle unprecedented challenges facing cities across the world. 

Reality Learning Director Judith Hewitson said it was a great privilege to support this important work to ensure that our cities remain thriving and healthy environments. 

“In building these courses, our team worked incredibly hard across time zones to share this important research and innovative insights in the most compelling and impactful way.”

Judith Hewitson, Director Reality Learning

“This meant working closely with RMIT academics and the New European Bauhaus to engage in conversational and bite-sized video material, develop interactive learning exercises and integrate student reflections throughout for peer-to-peer learning.”

After the delivery of a suite of sustainability and urban futures MOOCs and short courses for RMIT Europe and its partners, the Reality Learning team applied their experience in working with academics to make these as engaging as possible.

“Across these courses, we’ve seen hundreds of learners share their experiences from cities around the world,” said RMIT Europe Executive Director Professor Marta Fernandez.

“Two of the courses were recently recognised for best practice in eLearning at the Australian LearnX Awards 2022,” she said.  

The courses are now publicly available for on FutureLearn. This includes Building belonging in a globalised and mobile world (3 weeks, 2 hours) led by RMIT’s Anna Hickey-Moody and Marissa Willcox.

It also includes Fostering inclusive citizen engagement in urban development (3 weeks, 2 hours) led by RMIT’s Sarah Sinclair and Alexia Maddox.

For more on RMIT Europe’s suite of short courses please visit: