Merry Christmas from Reality Learning,

may we continue co-creating knowledge across disciplines, drawing on community innovations, and centring lived experience at the heart of all that we do. As we face unprecedented global and local challenges, I end the year with the confidence that we finally have the learning models, AI and technologies to keep pace with the skills and insights that our world urgently needs.

Across our team and collective of dedicated innovators, we are so excited to drive our partnerships and conversations. Whether you are a learning provider, university or social change organisations, thank you for the work that you and your teams drive forward across disaster and displacement, future city design, sustainability, First Nations knowledge and gender equality.

We are inspired by your impact, and passion to explore immersive learning tools and practices that bring your vision to life. I also thank the RL team and collective. Our four national awards, over 50 multimedia clips, and dozens of training, small and large, are a testament to your skills and dedication.

If you missed our Webinar with Facilitate Tech on what VR can do for education and your learning programs, please check the recording featuring CXO Philipp Seiler and myself. Go ahead, dive back in, and keep your curiosity flowing!

It has been an enriching year, and following much needed rest and time with loved ones, I look forward to gearing up for transformation in the year ahead. We look forward to sharing our upcoming podcast on just this in 2024 with you and opportunities to join webinar sessions with

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming programs in 2024 and how we can help you. Celebrating the future of learning!

Judith Hewitson, Founder and Director

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